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Winning Strategies for Interviewees

When we interview potential additions to Team NYSL Promotions, it’s typically easy to spot candidates who are well prepared. Here are a few things the most impressive jobseekers do in advance of an interview to improve their chances of getting hired.

Doing research on the company is one thing every strong interviewee has in common. Discussing current projects, future plans, and market trends shows how serious candidates are about joining a company. Knowing a lot about a potential employer also allows for quick rapport with an interviewer. This helps improve a person’s first impression too.

Having a few compelling anecdotes ready is another way the best candidates stand out in hiring managers’ minds. When people have memorable stories that align with their unique talents, we can easily visualize them making an impact on NYSL Promotions.

It’s also important that candidates be on time for their appointments. For us, that means being just a bit early. If a person is any more than 15 minutes ahead of schedule, it tends to put unnecessary pressure on the people conducting the interview. The idea is to project the right balance of eagerness and consideration for people’s time. Doing so shows a healthy amount of self-awareness, which is a key trait for lasting success.

These behaviors help jobseekers stand out from the crowd. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on