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Welcoming Two New Summer Interns

It’s an exciting time around the NYSL Promotions office as we welcome two summer interns, Talia and Giancarlo, to our team. Joe, our firm’s Managing Director, explained, “We’re ecstatic to be able to help students and new grads reach all their goals. Through in-depth training and coaching, we prepare our interns for prosperous careers.”

Talia attends Delaware State University, where she majors in business administration. Giancarlo is a management in marketing major at William Paterson University. Both came to NYSL Promotions ready to absorb new info and apply new concepts. We’re happy to provide them with immersive training in all aspects of our business.

Hands-on training is a major element of our developmental approach. This is one of the most valuable experiences we provide for interns, because they gain confidence with every new skill they master. The fact that they can learn from mistakes in a controlled setting makes our immersive training even more helpful for college students and recent graduates.

As we guide interns through different kinds of tasks, we sometimes ask them to reflect on what they’ve just done. Joe added, “We’ve found that this strategy reinforces learning. The more people think about what they’re doing, the better they understand the concepts behind it.”

We’re excited to have Talia and Giancarlo with us for the summer. Follow NYSL Promotions on Newswire for more details on how we prepare all our team members for lasting success.