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Top NYSL Promotions Travel Tools

It’s pretty difficult to travel without some degree of technology these days, so forgetting to charge your device or losing your luggage gets extremely problematic. Our NYSL Promotions associates avoid these dilemmas by equipping themselves with the best tech tools on the market. Here they are:

•A Portable Power Outlet: This type of outlet will have you covered, with two USB jacks and an AC outlet capable of charging your laptop. It runs for nearly $200, but is well worth the investment.

•A Luggage Tracker: For under $100, you can place a tracker in your bag and never have to wonder where it is. It uses cell towers and sends information to you via a Bluetooth software application. It will even let you know if anyone tampers with your luggage.

•Limitless Data: At NYSL Promotions, we believe there’s no such thing as too much data. A mobile hotspot like Skyroam will provide you with the data you need in over 90 countries. It costs $125 and a small flat fee of $8 monthly will accommodate up to five devices.

We at NYSL Promotions are always on the go, so we know it’s not uncommon to run into all sorts of conundrums. Our team members bypass these issues using the latest technologies, and the ones highlighted here are by far our favorites. Consider making a few investments to enjoy some smooth traveling yourself.