Business team discussing their ideas while working in office together

Tips for a Smooth Transition to Leadership

When you first take a leadership role, there are bound to be some growing pains as you adjust to your new responsibilities. Around the NYSL Promotions office we plan to become managers in the future, so we’ve been discussing the following strategies for making an efficient adjustment:

•Being Transparent: It’s important to be transparent about the goals you have for your team when you first take the reins, both for the organization and for your own leadership development. Here at NYSL Promotions HQ we’ve found that being vulnerable in this way will make you more relatable to your team members.

•Listening: The early part of your leadership transition is also a time to learn as much as you can, which means listening is more important than ever. Asking lots of open-ended questions is the best way to gain insight into how your team members want to be led.

•Delegating: You must trust your people to help you adjust to a leadership role even as you tend to urgent matters. This is where delegation comes into play, because you will build trust throughout your team if you’re flexible enough to assign key tasks to others as you make a smooth transition into your leadership role.

These methods make it easier for new managers to transition into their roles.