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Tips From NYSL Promotions: Team Success

The most successful teams share a few common attributes, and we do our best to make sure NYSL Promotions associates understand and appreciate these traits. We would like to outline these qualities and encourage you to sharpen them in your organization.

An emphasis on setting and achieving lofty goals must be front and center in your team atmosphere. We at NYSL Promotions suggest that you direct your people’s efforts on one project at a time to avoid confusion and overlapping priorities. This will lead to steady progress and significant success in the long run, so make sure your team’s focus isn’t spread too thin.

Honest feedback is another hallmark of high-achieving teams, and your people need it on a regular basis to reach ambitious goals. You can help set the tone by asking your team members for their input during individual check-ins. Your people need to know that their thoughts and opinions carry weight, so hear them out as often as possible.

The best professional teams are also populated by dedicated learners, so you need to be sure that constant improvement is a point of emphasis in your culture. Provide your associates with lots of developmental opportunities and learning resources, and make it clear that ongoing improvement is expected.

These attributes help the most successful teams stay on top, and our NYSL Promotions leaders hope you will refine them within your own company.