Simple Ways to Stifle Speaking Anxiety

The thought of speaking in front of an audience causes anxiety for just about everyone. That doesn’t mean these nervous feelings can’t be minimized, though. As we refine our NYSL Promotions speaking prowess, we’re putting the following fear-conquering strategies to good use.

We focus on our breathing to make speaking easier, both before we take the stage and during our presentations. By taking a few deep breaths before our speeches and then speaking slowly throughout our remarks, we help calm our nerves. The end results are more confident and memorable speeches that resonate with listeners.

Practice is a key element when it comes to confident public speaking. As a rule, we rehearse about three times as much as we think we need to before we represent NYSL Promotions onstage. We practice in front of mirrors, on video, and with our colleagues acting as stand-in audience members. By the time we step to the podium, we have a firm grasp on the best vocal methods and body language elements for making a winning speech.

We also use positive visualization techniques to imagine what it will be like when we deliver a compelling presentation for our audience. When we arrive at the venue, we’re well equipped to turn our visions into reality because we’ve seen ourselves succeed many times in our minds.

These simple techniques help us prepare for big speeches without any fear. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on