Two young female colleagues reviewing business reports during break in the office

Simple Ways to Improve Daily Commutes

Our journeys to and from the NYSL Promotions office have become key parts of our productive workdays. We’ve discovered a few simple strategies for making the most of our daily commutes, all of which help us accomplish more from one busy day to the next.

One way to get more out of a commute is to treat it like leisure time. Listening to audiobooks is one of our favorite pastimes when we’re in transit, for both education and entertainment. Perhaps the best part about these options is that they’re equally accessible for those of us who drive and anyone who uses public transportation.

Commutes are also ideal for reflecting on what we’ve accomplished and what still needs to be done. We get a motivation boost by thinking about our recent achievements, but we also take advantage of commuting time to refine our NYSL Promotions to-do lists.

Meditation has also become a significant part of our commuting routines. By clearing our minds on the way to work, we go into each new day full of positive thoughts. We meditate to remind ourselves of all the good things in our lives, receiving an inspiring sense of gratitude in the process.

We’re putting these methods to good use as we traverse to and from work.