Portrait of smiling business people standing together in creative office

Simple Ways to Engage Team Members

When it comes to team engagement, we’ve found that a few basic strategies are all we need. By putting them to use, we ensure a rewarding experience for every member of Team NYSL Promotions. Here are the techniques we’re applying to keep engagement high throughout our team.

Perhaps the most important part of engaging team members is simply giving them valuable voices. When people know their opinions, concerns, and ideas are being heard, they feel valued. With that sense of appreciation, professionals are comfortable pushing beyond their current skill sets to chase ambitious goals.

We’ve also discovered the power of competition when it comes to engagement. Office contests are great ways to get people fired up about what they do, often leading them to encourage each other’s success. Good-natured competition around the NYSL Promotions office gives our people even more incentive to perform at their best.

Reinforcing core values is another way to keep people engaged in their work. We like to recognize our team members any time they perform well, but especially when their actions reflect our guiding principles. With the knowledge that they’re setting the right kind of examples through their behavior, our team members are more motivated than ever to thrive.

Engagement is a big part of our ongoing growth.