Successful businessman. Confident young man standing at gray studio background

Simple Public Speaking Improvements

We continue to add to our NYSL Promotions public speaking résumés, seeking out opportunities to present at industry events of all kinds. Through our experiences, we’ve learned that a few simple strategies can help to make anyone a stronger presenter.

First of all, we write out what we want to say well before the day of a big speech. A simple outline that reflects our main points, a few transitions, and a memorable introduction are typically all we need to take our preparation game to the next level. As we close in on the date of the presentation, we can make adjustments to our outline as needed.

We’ve found that writing out our speeches in this way makes it easier for us to conceptualize an effective overall message. This has the added benefit of making our remarks easier to remember, which allows us to go onstage with much more confidence.

Our rehearsals have also become more sophisticated as we’ve become more seasoned speakers. We’ll often enlist our NYSL Promotions colleagues as practice audiences, asking them for feedback to help us make improvements. This allows us to home in on the perfect body language, vocal styles, and overall messages for our speeches.

We’re using these strategies to our public speaking advantage.