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The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship

Social responsibility is becoming a top priority in the business world, and has been part of the NYSL Promotions vision for quite some time. Needless to say, we’re thrilled that the concept of giving back is gaining ground. As we’ve observed, business leaders are ideally positioned to implement lasting positive change.

For one thing, business leaders know how to set big projects in motion. They’ve opened the doors of their companies, so they understand the various challenges that come with doing so. From raising funds and generating interest to scaling and pivoting as needed, they’ve done it all.

In other words, leaders don’t start their careers behind gold nameplates in corner offices. They learn every day and constantly enhance their expertise. They’re aware of the hard work and humility needed to make an endeavor work. This type of experience in the for-profit world certainly translates to the nonprofit field.

Finally, there’s a reason sales as a subject is such a big part of the NYSL Promotions leadership training. It isn’t just because we work in the sales and marketing industry. It’s because the ability to sell is essential to just about every aspect of life. The skill is needed when trying to convince people to support worthy causes.

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