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Quotes That NYSL Promotions Relies on for Motivation

Motivation can be difficult to find and even more challenging to keep, even for us at NYSL Promotions. When we’re struggling to find our own purpose, we often rely on the words and wisdom of others who have made a difference in the world to keep us moving forward. Here are some favorite quotes our NYSL Promotions team can always count on from people worth admiring:

•“The Only Person You Are Destined to Become Is the Person You Decide to Be”: These words come from Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the leaders of the Transcendentalist movement and a champion of individualism. He strongly advocated for free will and personal responsibility.

•“I Would Rather Die of Passion Than of Boredom”: Vincent Van Gogh certainly practiced what he preached, and for us at NYSL Promotions this statement is a reminder that being exhausted at the end of the day means that we’re on the right path.

•“Your Time Is Limited, so Don’t Waste It Living Someone Else’s Life”:If anyone would know the importance of marching to the beat of your own drum, it’s Steve Jobs. His authentic approach to living is a legacy for which our NYSL Promotions team will always be grateful.

•“I Find That the Harder I Work, the More Luck I Seem to Have”: Thomas Jefferson certainly had a way with words, and while this pithy phrase doesn’t really compare to the Declaration of Independence, NYSL Promotions’ people still find it valuable.

What are your favorite motivational quotes?