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Questions That Identify NYSL Promotions’ Superstars

In our collective NYSL Promotions opinion, interview questions should do more than just eliminate candidates who wouldn’t be a good fit for our organization. They should also be designed to encourage those who would integrate well with our crew to shine. Here are several queries that will help you identify potential superstars:

•What Situations Make You Lose Your Cool?: This is a great question that hiring managers at NYSL Promotions rely on to help them identify the values by which a person lives. If they try not to answer honestly, for example, honesty might not be as important to them as it is to you.

•How Many Colleagues Do You Keep in Touch With From Former Jobs?: Collaboration is an NYSL Promotions must, so candidates who don’t connect on more than a surface level with their coworkers might not do so well here. You’ll find out how important work relationships are to a person with this inquiry.

•If Your Building Caught on Fire, Who Would You Rescue First?: We’ve seen some interviewees freeze up at this question, because it really makes them reflect on their workplace connections. Some applicants have been more surprised by their answers than we were!

Interviews are as important to business as first dates are to a romance. Use these questions from the NYSL Promotions repertoire to help you identify the people with whom you want to be involved.