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Public Speaking Tips to Use Anywhere, Anytime

Public speaking is a big topic of conversation throughout the NYSL Promotions workplace. We know the ability to present well is critical to just about any career, so we hone our skills in this area on a continual basis. Here are some strategies we’re putting to use:

  • Speak Clearly: Communication is a fundamental component of NYSL Promotions’ success. When sharing ideas and information, we’ve learned to speak clearly. It’s a matter of careful enunciation and imparting words a bit slowly. This way, we minimize confusion and convey confidence.
  • Focus on the Audience: Whether the audience consists of one person or 1,000 listeners, the individuals to whom we speak deserve our attention. Simply by offering a smile and making eye contact, you too can engage your audience and show people that you value them.
  • Posture Up: The right use of posture is another great way to exude confidence. To express our competency on a given subject, we practice standing tall and holding our shoulders back. Doing so also allows us to breathe deeply, which lessens the nervousness that comes with public speaking.
  • Dress Strategically: The goal is to look professional without sacrificing comfort. There really is something to be said for the concept of the power suit. When selecting what to wear for presentations, we’ve learned not to neglect great shoes and attractive accessories.

Join us as we continue to build our public speaking expertise. Find more insights on the NYSL Promotions website,