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PRESS RELEASE: NYSL Promotions Team Travels to Philadelphia for Conference

FAIRFIELD, NJ – Team members from NYSL Promotions attended a networking conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this May at which they acquired knowledge and connected with industry leaders from across the country.

“Every conference provides value to our growing team, and this one being close to home allowed us to send more people,” said Joe, NYSL Promotions’ Managing Director. “Over 600 people from offices nationwide were gathered in one location. This led to some exceptional learning and networking opportunities for everyone.”

As Joe noted, the NYSL Promotions team was excited to participate in this conference, which offered multiple benefits for attendees. “The main purpose of this event is knowledge transfer,” he said. “There are keynote addresses and plenty of breakout sessions at which our people can share their experiences and exchange ideas with individuals from other regions. We gain insights into how other successful offices operate, as well as the bigger picture of our industry overall and how we fit into it. For our newest associates, this is particularly valuable as it provides them with incentive to work hard and stay the course, knowing there are so many paths to a fulfilling career.”

“Telecommunications, especially fiber optics, is a rapidly growing field,” Joe continued. “It’s vital that our people are continually exposed to and learning the most up-to-date technology and techniques. At these functions, they often meet individuals from our national partners’ offices, and learn what’s upcoming as well.”

Networking is the other reason why Joe is happy to send team members to conferences. “Professional connections are what sustain us throughout our careers,” he stated. “When we have the chance to meet industry leaders and forge bonds with them, it helps both our people and our firm excel. It forms the basis for sustained growth.”

NYSL Promotions’ Managing Director on the Benefits of Team Travel

Joe is a huge proponent of business travel as a team. “Any time you take a trip, you get to participate in something new,” he explained. “When we venture out of our NYSL Promotions offices together, we share those experiences with one another and make memories. For this reason, I consider our excursions to be the ultimate in team-building activities.”

According to Joe, the benefit of becoming closer as a team through ventures to new places is the overall positive impact it has on the firm. “When we travel, we learn more about each other, which improves our abilities to relate to our colleagues,” he explained. “Better rapports improve collaboration, which leads to more innovation. When we use our collective creativity, we get better results for our partners. Everyone wins.”

“I look forward to our next trip together,” Joe concluded. “Not only the adventure, but the possibilities it holds.”

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