Goals 2015

PRESS RELEASE : NYSL Promotions on Setting and Achieving Goals in 2015

FAIRFIELD, NJ – Successful organizations have leaders that set goals, allowing associates to measure progress and define achievement. NYSL Promotions’ director of operations shares his New Year objec-tives and his strategies for achieving them.

“Resolutions are easy to make. What’s not so easy is turning resolutions into reality,” explained Joe, NYSL Promotions’ director of operations. “Many people and businesses alike end up making the same resolutions every year because they failed to set goals and then achieve them. In order to avoid this trap, we’re setting SMART goals this year.”

Joe went on to talk about how the word SMART in this case is a useful acronym for setting goals that are both lofty and attainable. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. “I took this idea and gave some serious thought to what I thought we could achieve this year. First, I want to be the leading marketing company in North Jersey, offering innovative, trackable, successful marketing plans to our clients. Second, I want to continue to grow our own company, increase our marketing teams, and develop strong leaders and managers who will ensure we not only hit our goal and numbers but go be-yond, for ourselves and our clients.”

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