Audience at the conference hall.

PRESS RELEASE: NYSL Promotions Returned From Leadership Conference

FAIRFIELD, NJ – A group of NYSL Promotions’ most accomplished professionals recently returned from a leadership conference. They reported that the event was a huge success.

Every quarter, Joe, NYSL Promotions’ director of operations, along with a few of his top performing team members attend a leadership conference along with delegates from other firms in the industry. These events are always packed with networking opportunities, sessions and workshops with experts, and plenty of business development. The whole group expressed how happy they were with the results.

“I think it is really important to regularly connect with our colleagues in the industry,” stated Joe. “It not only provides valuable relationships, but also some perspective on what we can all accomplish. Some of the folks at these conferences are serious business leaders, and quite inspiring. Likewise, there are plenty of opportunities for us to share our own stories and ideas with others.”

The team stayed at an executive hotel, where they enjoyed great rooms and plenty of amenities. Although they spent a lot of time at the conference, they were sure to take advantage of the pool, spa, and gym for some self-care.

NYSL Promotions’ Director Reveals Conference Strategies

Joe stated that they got so much out of the conference because they went with a plan. Simply attending a conference or other event will often yield weak results if you aren’t properly prepared. By researching what sessions are scheduled, who will be attending, and who the speakers are, Joe and his team are always ready to take full advantage of every conference.

The team members are also sure to reach out to other event registrants via social media and email before arriving. This helps them establish relationships before the function even begins. “It’s a simple trick but almost no one does it,” said Joe. “A lot of speakers and attendees are happy to connect if you let them know you’ll be attending. This can be a great launching point for a relationship.”

Similarly, Joe advised reconnecting after the conference. He explained that a lot of people get excited for new ideas and friends at the event, but then let things drop afterwards. “Make sure you have action steps in mind when you return to the office,” he added. “One of them should be to follow up with all your new contacts and explore ways to collaborate.”

Finally, Joe also emphasized the importance of elevator pitches. He indicated that there are a lot of people to meet in a small amount of time, so the ability to effectively explain who you are is important. “If you show up with a plan, you’re going to have a great conference,” he concluded.

About NYSL Promotions

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