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PRESS RELEASE: NYSL Promotions Recruiting College Grads for Internships

FAIRFIELD, NJ – The management of NYSL Promotions announced that the interactive marketing firm is recruiting college students and recent college grads for their internship program. The company will also be hiring new team members.

“For individuals who want to jumpstart their careers, we offer an ideal launching pad,” said Joe M., NYSL Promotions’ President. “This internship program, also known as our Young Entrepreneurship Program, provides ambitious people with a solid foundation in business.”

As Joe explained, the program is designed to impart knowledge transfer through practice. “Our NYSL Promotions interns participate in many hands-on learning opportunities,” he said. “We want to immerse them into the business world immediately to increase their knowledge retention.”

From day one, Joe stated that incoming interns, as well as new associates, are paired with coaches who will help guide them through the company’s business model. “We have our seasoned managers working alongside these people to show them the ropes,” he said. “Our philosophy is watch, do, and teach. We get them involved in campaigns right away, allowing them to contribute to the development of each outreach effort. Through this approach, they gain real-world experience and accomplishments they can put on their resume.”

“The toughest obstacle for someone fresh out of college and on the job market is having to compete with others who have more experience,” Joe added. “By having some work achievements to show on their résumés, our interns have a leg up.”

NYSL Promotions Managers Discuss Goal Setting for Success

Goals and achievements are keys to demonstrating experience. As Joe stated, participants in the Young Entrepreneurship Program are included as part of the firm’s team, hence they also work toward common objectives.

“We make sure that our associates have specific milestones established,” Joe explained. “The key is to make sure that goals are SMART: Specific, measurable, accountable, realistic, and time-sensitive. This approach adds clarity and ensures everyone is working toward the same thing.”

As Corrin M., an NYSL Promotions administrator, added that long-term objectives are dynamic, and monitoring ensures that everyone is on target. “Our goals evolve with us and it is beneficial to re-evaluate them every so often as a team,” she said, noting that since these are common goals, collaboration is essential for attainment. “It’s nice to share our thoughts because then the team gets on board with each other’s goals and supports them to the fullest!”

Joe concluded, “Our biggest focus here is setting everyone up for success. We believe that when we win together, it’s sweeter.”

About NYSL Promotions:

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