PRESS RELEASE-NYSL Promotions Recognizes Top Performers, Sets Big Goals

FAIRFIELD, NJ – Several of NYSL Promotions’ top performers were recently promoted to become assistant managers. The firm’s President discussed these associates, upcoming holiday celebrations, and ambitious goals for 2017.

Advancement is a core NYSL Promotions principle, and company leaders are always happy to recognize and reward hard work. Three associates were promoted to the assistant manager level in early November. Joe, the firm’s President, stated, “Our team would like to give a shout-out to Rob, Ken, and Mike for their promotions. They have continued to push themselves for the better since taking their new positions, and I know they will thrive as they continue honing their strengths.” Joe added that each of the promoted executives has a strong work ethic, a growth mind-set, and high standards for his own performance.

Rob was attracted to his career path by the great growth opportunities. He explained, “I like having the freedom to be creative while I push myself to greater heights of success. Working at NYSL Promotions provides me with the chance to improve on a daily basis and stay positive along the way.”

Ken also wanted the freedom that comes with being an innovator in the marketing and consulting services industry. “I don’t want to be just another average professional,” he added. “I want to set myself apart from everyone else, and NYSL Promotions is the ideal place to do it. There is no shortage of motivation on our team, and our empowering work culture reflects that.”

Mike was motivated by both his son and father to become a business leader. He commented, “Of course I want to provide for my family, but I also want to set the right example for my son. You have to put your head down, avoid distractions, and have tunnel vision when it comes to reaching your goals, and I want him to see these behaviors in action.”

NYSL Promotions’ President Discusses Holiday Celebrations, Goals for 2017, and an Upcoming Conference

Joe and the rest of the NYSL Promotions leadership team are looking forward to celebrating the holidays and the company’s remarkable growth. “We are very grateful for our success and growth over the past year,” the President remarked. “I hope everyone has a great time with those they care about the most, and that they come back to work rejuvenated in the New Year.”

Company leaders have high hopes for 2017, and they already have ambitious goals in mind. Joe stated, “Our aim is to continue growing as a company, and we also want to see every member of our team excel on an individual basis. We hope by next year at this time, everyone will be able to celebrate further personal and professional development. This includes all the additions we make to our team, and there could be quite a few of them as our company trends upward.”

Joe is also looking forward to an upcoming conference, with the expectation that it will be as rewarding for NYSL Promotions as the recent R&R event in Las Vegas. “Anthony and I had a great time in Vegas,” he concluded. “We also made quite a few helpful connections, and I am confident that we will do the same at the next event.”

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