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PRESS RELEASE : NYSL Promotions Leverages the Benefits of Competition

FAIRFIELD, NJ – The management team at NYSL Promotions fosters healthy competition in order to develop a positive culture. According to Joe, the firm’s president, this helps them to achieve many of their business objectives.

The marketing and consulting services firm has a reputation for being a great place to work. This is largely thanks to the positive culture that they have been able to create. However, as Joe explained, there is far more to their culture than simply attracting new talent. He indicated that through competition they are able to spur passion and motivation.

“Culture is central to any organization that is built on people,” he stated. “Our entire history of success is thanks to the dedication and creativity of our team of branding specialists. Without them, we would never have been able to achieve all that we have. We are able to inspire them to greatness by developing a culture of support, collaboration, and creative competition.”

Of course there are both positive and negative forms of competition in the workplace. Some organizations are cutthroat, and team members will do anything to get ahead. Others, like NYSL Promotions, achieve a far more beneficial form of competition that is fun and productive. “We have hit a good balance that makes each day more enjoyable,” Joe added.

NYSL Promotions’ President Discusses Fostering Healthy Competition

Joe explained that they have been able to foster healthy competition at NYSL Promotions by encouraging the right mentality. He indicated that it is important to remind his team that it is all in good fun. Joe primarily accomplishes this by making competition seem like a game with prizes and leaderboards.

“It is really important to keep things fun,” he added. “It’s all too easy to have the tone change to being too combative. I like to be really positive and focus exclusively on rewarding top performers, not on putting down others. Of course, I strive to recognize everyone for their hard work.”

He also pointed out that creating a sense of ownership helps people to really care about their work. When people take responsibility for their results, they will always perform as well as they can. Clear goals and expectation help with this. Joe asserted that having well-defined short-, medium-, and long-term objectives makes work feel more like a game.

“Ultimately we are just loving what we do,” he concluded. “Perhaps the most important part of making it feel like a healthy competition is that we are all enjoying it!”

About NYSL Promotions

NYSL Promotions produces campaigns with a simple goal in mind: Offer businesses a dynamic and interactive way to increase awareness of their brand. Marketing experts at the firm design customized strategies to target interested consumer groups and present compelling features in an effective light. The result is a company that stands out in an atmosphere of advertisement saturation.

The firm specializes in on-site promotion to increase interaction and encourage brand loyalty. Its efforts build new customer bases that result in fast paced growth for clients. This model of interactive advertising is scalable and appropriate for the campaign goals of small and large businesses alike. Precision planning and collaboration promotes products and services in innovative approaches that hit the mark with efficiency and generate an excellent return on investment.

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