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PRESS RELEASE : NYSL Promotions Holds Office Competition

FAIRFIELD, NJ – As people all over the country are rallying for their favorite teams competing in the NCAA March Madness games, the leaders at NYSL Promotions are hosting – and benefitting from – their own version of the event.

“We have a lot of energetic and competitive professionals on the NYSL Promotions team,” said Joe, the firm’s president. “It’s almost a given that they’re enthralled with March Madness. My colleagues and I decided to leverage their enthusiasm and channel it toward an office tournament.”

Joe indicated that his team members have been assigned goals specific to sales and marketing. Through the use of a bracket system much like the NCAA’s, everyone must meet their objectives in order to advance to the next round of challenges. With each move closer to the championship, the goals become more difficult to meet.

“I figured this event would be a lot of fun, and it’s a way for everyone at NYSL Promotions to engage in some friendly competition,” Joe stated. “Of course, we’re also keeping a close eye on the actual games as well. The excitement here is electric, and I can’t wait to see how things unfold!”

NYSL Promotions President Identifies the Positive Impact of Office Competition

According to Joe, any workplace environment can benefit from such contests in a variety of ways. “A lot of business leaders dread this time of year, because they feel that March Madness distracts their teams from the work at hand. This may temporarily be the case. However, I think it boosts productivity over the long term. Everyone at NYSL Promotions is wholeheartedly motivated, and it impacts the office atmosphere in a way that doesn’t simply fade. Besides, it’s always great when everyone has fun while simultaneously reaching sales and marketing goals.”

The office competition also allows the team members to sharpen their skills. Joe explained that the competition’s focus on meeting assigned objectives positions the professionals to practice their techniques within predetermined timeframes. Their progress is inevitably reflected in both individual and company performance metrics.

“Even those who don’t make it to our final four or ultimately come out on top still win,” Joe concluded. “They become better at what they do, and they have a blast while doing it. March Madness gives us the perfect reason and format with which to host such an event, but I’ll be seeking other opportunities to help everyone develop and stay engaged throughout the year.”

About NYSL Promotions

NYSL Promotions produces campaigns with a simple goal in mind: Offer businesses a dynamic and interactive way to increase awareness of their brand. Marketing experts at the firm design customized strategies to target interested consumer groups and present compelling features in an effective light. The result is a company that stands out in an atmosphere of advertisement saturation.

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