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PRESS RELEASE : NYSL Promotions Building, Empowering Leaders with Confidence

Fairfield, NJ – NYSL Promotions management is encouraging team members through mentorship and training to achieve their professional goals. Individuals are trained to develop communication skills to boost confidence.

“Leadership is a hot topic for discussion in the business world, though rarely is it about developing leaders,” declared Joe, the firm’s director of operations. “More often than not, the discussion is about leading followers, and those are two different types of guidance. When potential leaders are not empowered and encouraged to grow, they either leave for another opportunity or they weaken in order to fit in.”
For Joe, to describe someone as a leader is to say that they have enough integrity, mettle, and self-assuredness that people will follow them. While these can be natural traits, often they need to be built up, or at the very least polished. “When I talk about developing a leader, it’s important to know what I’m not talking about as well. I believe there is a difference between leading through a person and leading a person who can shape others. One is just a figurehead with no real authority, and people recognize that. The other is someone who has clear boundaries on what is and is not his or her responsibility, takes on challenges that are too big for him or her to complete alone, and is willing to push himself or herself and others to achieve. I’m working to create the second type.”

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