Our Best Tips for Acing the Interview

Around the NYSL Promotions office, we understand the importance of nailing a job interview. We’re currently in the midst of a hiring push, so we know how much more memorable a candidate is when he or she is prepared. Joe, our firm’s Managing Director, stated, “We know interviewing can be a nerve-fraying process, but being proactive and practicing are two perfect ways to make the most of it.”

Researching the company online is a great first step for any jobseeker. Joe added, “It’s pretty obvious when someone we interview has done some research on our NYSL Promotions website and social media pages. With a firm grasp of our values and work culture, potential hires put themselves in position to impress.”

One key question stands out as perhaps the most effective strategy an interviewee can apply. This query involves the company’s biggest challenges, and how the candidate is prepared to help overcome them. Joe remarked, “Asking this question shows a lot of confidence. Actually going a step further to explain how they’re uniquely suited to help solve pressing issues makes potential additions to our team all the more impressive.”

When candidates combine research with adequate practice, they’re almost certain to stand out from the crowd. Rehearsing for the interview, especially with a partner, helps jobseekers project a memorable level of confidence.

We keep these things in mind when evaluating prospective additions to Team NYSL Promotions. Like us on Facebook for more on how we approach the hiring process.