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The One Question Candidates Should Ask

When we evaluate potential additions to Team NYSL Promotions, there are a few essential skills and attributes we want to see. Just as importantly, we also want to hear insightful questions that indicate a person’s level of interest in thriving with our company.

Although there are several types of questions that show a person is serious about succeeding, there’s one that we’re especially interested in hearing. When someone asks how success will be measured, it lets us know that we have a serious candidate on our hands.

One reason this question is so impressive is that it clarifies our expectations right off the bat. When armed with useful information about how to succeed, new NYSL Promotions hires waste no time using their unique strengths to make a positive impact. They know more about what we’re trying to accomplish as a company and how they can be part of the innovative solutions that help us do so.

Asking how success is measured also tells us that a candidate is committed to constant improvement. The question shows a desire to achieve bigger and better things as time goes on, which suits our focus on professional growth very well.

These are the reasons we want interviewees to ask how success will be evaluated in their potential roles.