Teacher and student working on computer

NYSL Promotions Welcomes New Team Members

All of us at NYSL Promotions would like to extend a warm welcome to Tina and Jaqui, our newest team members! So far, they are fitting into our culture quite well. They’ve jumped right in, and they’re handling their responsibilities beautifully. Furthermore, Tina and Jaqui have set ambitious goals, and they’re already working toward them. It won’t be long before they’re leaders!

We’re truly happy that Tina and Jaqui have joined us, and we’ve discovered some special techniques for making them feel at home:

Schedule Individual Time: Once they arrived and settled in, each of us scheduled some time with them on an individual basis. This enabled us to really start getting to know them, both personally and professionally.

Prepare Workspaces: Before our new colleagues arrived on their first days, we prepared their work areas. We made sure there were plenty of supplies (including really great pens!), and left some flowers as a personal touch.

Send Cards: An actual card – not a digital one – signified that we took the time to pick out something nice and write down a warm message. It’s a meaningful and unexpected gesture.

Do you remember your first day on the job? It can be truly nerve-wracking. Not only is there plenty to learn, but there is an entire culture with which to become acquainted as well. If you’d like to minimize this anxiety for someone the next time there is a new addition to your team, we at NYSL Promotions suggest that you take advantage of these tips.