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NYSL Promotions Warns Against Common Mistakes

You undoubtedly realize how important it is to make a positive and memorable first impression on everyone you meet. This initial impact significantly influences the future of any given relationship.Unfortunately, many individuals make efforts they don’t realize do more harm than good. Our NYSL Promotions team members caution you to avoid the following mistakes.

You might be surprised by how many professionals attempt to kick off new relationships with negativity. Complaining about the weather or a frustrating industry trend may initially seem like a great way to bond, but your new contact is likely to connect you with that negative feeling in the future. Find some common ground that focuses on the bright sides of things instead, and go from there.

At NYSL Promotions, we often research people we hope to eventually meet in person. This means checking out their social media profiles and online publications. When it comes time to meet these individuals, however, we don’t make the common mistake of pretending we don’t know anything about them. That’s just creepy. When you interact with someone new, there’s no shame in complimenting him or her on a blog post or congratulating the person on a career milestone.

There are lots of ways to ruin a first impression. We at NYSL Promotions hope you won’t let the snafus mentioned here get in the way of a promising new connection.