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NYSL Promotions on How to Volunteer for Experience

Volunteering for a charitable group is about giving from the heart. However, the rewards of selflessness that come from giving your time and talent include benefits that you can attain from the experience. In fact, our NYSL Promotions experts suggest that you can often parlay the experience you gain into valuable career opportunities.

When you volunteer time to assist an organization (not just write a check), you are often gaining some skills. Our NYSL Promotions pros assert that this is something a prospective employer will consider, especially if you are new to the job market. Think about the processes of your volunteer activities. Are you working with people in a sales capacity, such as soliciting for a fundraiser? Are you participating in a task that allows leadership or project management experience, such as chairing an event? These experiences could be listed on your résumé as part of your skills acquired.

Another direction to consider is to offer your services pro-bono to the charity. For example, let’s say you’re looking to build your social media coordination expertise. Our NYSL Promotions team suggests that you might ask the organization’s director if he or she would like assistance with that area of an operation. Often, nonprofits have no one on staff who can do such work and the leader will be grateful for the offer.

Give from the heart, but don’t dismiss the gifts you’ll receive in return.