Businesswoman Walking Along The Office Corridor

NYSL Promotions’ Top Travel Tips

We are seasoned business travelers here at NYSL Promotions, and we have learned a few valuable lessons through our exploits. If you would like to make your next trip less stressful, we humbly offer the following suggestions:

•Get to the Airport Early: No one likes hanging out in an airport, but being there at least two hours early helps you avoid the anxiety of possibly missing your flight. You don’t want to get stuck in traffic or have some other obstacle disrupt your travel plans, so give yourself plenty of time.

•Never Check Bags: We at NYSL Promotions urge you to travel as lightly as possible. That will make it much easier for you to change flights if necessary, and you won’t have to worry about the extra expenses associated with checking bags.

•Ask for a Business Card: Upon checking in at your hotel, ask for a business card and keep it with you throughout your trip. This is especially important if you’re in another country where you don’t speak the language, but it will also help you remember where you’re staying if things get particularly hectic.

•Reconnect When Possible: If any trip takes you close to old friends and long-lost relatives, seize the opportunity to reconnect with them. This will make the trip more memorable and give you something extra to look forward to as you make your travel plans.

Our team at NYSL Promotions hopes you will keep these tips in mind during your next business excursion.