Half length portrait of a young well dressed man using a digital tablet standing outdoors

NYSL Promotions’ Tips for Quick Motivation

Inspiring your team members doesn’t have to be a drawn-out process. We at NYSL Promotions believe you can motivate your people in as little as five minutes if you know what truly drives them to be their best. Here are a few strategies we suggest for getting through to your team members quickly and effectively:

•Reference the Bigger Picture: Connecting current action with a long-term vision is one of the most effective motivational devices. We at NYSL Promotions encourage you to home in on your company’s larger mission when motivating your team.

•Listen for Verbal Cues: Your people will tell you what inspires them if you listen carefully to what they’re saying. Keywords will emerge as you have meaningful discussions with your associates, so be sure to keep your ears open at all times. Whether they want to move forward, simplify processes, or feel more appreciated, their words will guide you toward the proper motivational methods.

•Reward Every Win: Whatever you want to inspire your team to accomplish, be sure to reward them once they have done so. Nothing leads to disengaged people faster than failing to recognize their efforts, so take time to mark every small victory along the way to your ultimate goal.

We at NYSL Promotions hope you will keep these tips in mind as you work to keep your people motivated.