Creative business colleagues discussing over computer in office

NYSL Promotions’ Tips for an Inspiring Work Culture

Over the next decade, millennials will make up a larger portion of the workforce. Some estimates put that figure as high as 75 percent. We at NYSL Promotions see the value in creating and maintaining a work culture that inspires these driven people. We would like to offer the following tips to help you achieve such an atmosphere:

•Promote Based on Merit: Millennials do not respond well to hierarchies and strict job roles. They believe in flat management structures and parity among team members. With that in mind, you must promote people based on their achievements rather than politics or tenure.

•Emphasize Giving Back: Philanthropic pursuits also resonate with millennials. We at NYSL Promotions urge you to find unique ways to support worthy causes in your region. When your team members come together to give back, they become a more unified and engaged group.

•Embrace Inclusivity: Millennials are most engaged when their leaders foster inclusive cultures and promote diversity. These attributes also help people devise creative solutions, so there is no reason not to pursue a team with wide-ranging backgrounds.

•Build Flexibility Into Schedules: Don’t let a lack of flexibility drive away talented people. Allow for adjustable work hours and include breaks throughout the day to keep your team members engaged.

We at NYSL Promotions hope you will apply these tips and build a culture that will attract and retain skilled millennials.