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NYSL Promotions Suggests Perks for Remote Workers

Remote workers are increasingly prevalent these days, and it can be difficult to figure out how to provide them with a better work experience. After all, they aren’t around the office when catered lunches and educational seminars are offered. Our team at NYSL Promotions has discovered a few perks that you can offer to those who work away from the office.

Paid travel to your company headquarters is a great way to make your remote team members feel like they are part of the team. It allows your entire workforce to interact with each other without putting the burden of travel expenses on those who reside in far-flung locations.

We have also found that gift certificates can be used as incentives for your remote workers. We at NYSL Promotions suggest Starbucks cards, since you can never have too much coffee to help you get through a demanding assignment.

Giving off-site associates the freedom to take time off and travel is another great benefit. As long as contributors consistently submit quality work on schedule, you should allow those who work remotely the freedom to create their own schedules. Establishing a results-only work environment helps make this even easier to accomplish, both for you and for your team.

Here at NYSL Promotions, we think that remote workers should be appreciated and treated as genuine members of the team. These strategies will help you achieve these goals.