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NYSL Promotions Shares Tips for Success Cultures

As a leader, your firm’s culture defines your ability to succeed. As such, our NYSL Promotions experts offer these practices to help you establish an environment that’s built to go far:

•Test Candidates for Real: When you’re interviewing people, you’ll find that most candidates are prepared to respond in a way that suggests they’re the perfect choices for the job. Our NYSL Promotions professionals recommend that you put that assurance to the test. You could have them answer phone calls or bring them onto the office floor to interact with team members. You could create a test environment to see how they handle specific issues. This will ferret out any concerns that might lead to a less-than-perfect fit down the road.

•Rigid Yet Positive Assessments: Without tangible metrics, it’s nearly impossible to measure performance. Therefore, establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) for each role will allow you to understand each associate’s contribution in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Use KPIs to identify areas in which to focus on improvement or reward. Use team-based goals so that everyone understands that when the firm excels, so do they.

•Make It a Pleasure to Work There: Our NYSL Promotions executives proclaim that retention is part of a success culture. Your team should work hard, but also feel welcome and valued. Fun and hard work are not mutually exclusive. Institute some excitement.

Successful cultures are those with genuinely good fits, performance metrics, and fun.