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NYSL Promotions Shares Tips for Getting Your Second Job

We at NYSL Promotions have been fortunate enough to find lucrative career paths in the sales and marketing industry. However, many people are unable to find satisfying jobs right out of college and eventually move on from whatever work they do find. When this happens, they are faced with the challenge of getting their second jobs after graduation. Here are some tips on how to make this transition successfully:

•Use Your Experience: When getting your first job, chances are that you have no or very little experience under your belt. However, once you are applying for future jobs, you have some and should leverage that fully. Always share what you have learned and how you have grown through your career so far.

•Focus Your Social Media: In today’s business world, social media is important to getting a new job. Make sure that your social profiles are presenting you as a young professional rather than a recent college graduate.

•Connect With Alumni: Finding positions as you become more specialized in your career can be difficult. At NYSL Promotions, we assert that networking with alumni from your alma mater can be an extremely effective technique for finding new opportunities.

•Have a Great Attitude: Many people find the task of attaining a new job daunting. Try to keep a positive attitude by remembering that you offer more value than you ever have before. Be confident and ready to demonstrate your abilities.

These tips from the NYSL Promotions team will help you to land your second job after graduation.