NYSL Promotions Shares Three Key Tips to Being a Team Player

Before we offer people the chance to lead a team here at NYSL Promotions, it’s vital they are able to function in one. This isn’t always as easy as it looks, especially as there may be personalities that conflict with your own. However, if you follow these three tips, you will become an appreciated asset and the next in line for a promotion.

  1. Always hit those deadlines. If you miss out on an important milestone, it’s likely that there will be people who fall behind at the next stage in the process. This can have a domino effect that ultimately may affect a business’ ability to hit vital targets.
  2. Be honest. If you think that your employer is working beyond the realms of reality, you need to say so. Provide detailed feedback to those who ask for it. Also, make sure you support the decisions of your leader and do all you can to ensure their vision becomes a reality.
  3. Have versatility. Let’s say one of your fellow team members is late. The next step is to ensure you’re flexible enough to find solutions to this problem that will soften the disruption. By anticipating changes in technology, the teams you’re working with and the divisions that you work in, it becomes easier to land on your feet when a rug is pulled from underneath you.

If you have any additional tips on becoming a team player, we would love to hear from you. Comment below, and share your stories of the best and worst teams you were a part of.