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NYSL Promotions Shares Several Billion-Dollar Problems

There are lots of problems that plague our everyday lives. Some are truly detrimental, while others are just nuisances. However, many of them are so prolific that if one were to solve them, the solution would become a billion-dollar business almost overnight. At NYSL Promotions we believe that the following five problems could be the sources of a few really successful businesses.

  • Wireless Power: Mobile devices are nearly ubiquitous these days. With this, however, there is an enormous amount of cumbersome chargers. While there are currently already some powermat-based chargers, a truly wireless power system could be a real game changer.
  • Remote Internet: While 4G and other technologies have made it possible to connect to the internet even in remote areas, there are still plenty of gaps. Creating a tool that can make internet available everywhere would be incredibly powerful.
  • Cheap Solar Energy: The cost of using solar power has reduced greatly in recent years. Nonetheless, the first truly affordable and scalable solution will be a major business.
  • A Real Weight Loss Pill: There have been supposed easy weight loss solutions for years. Of course, none of them have worked – at least not without significant side effects. A truly effective solution would be remarkably lucrative.
  • Cheap Desalination: The world’s supply of naturally fresh water is very limited. While desalination is possible, it is fairly cost prohibitive. A cheap, easy-to-implement solution could change the world.

These problems, if solved, would represent major changes in life as we know it. If you want to launch the next huge business, we recommend starting with these issues.