Successful business group applauding at the office

NYSL Promotions Recognizes Anthony, New Assistant Manager

It’s no secret that NYSL Promotions is a flourishing marketing services firm, and we are always growing in one way or another. We recently relocated into a beautiful new office space, for instance, that offers significantly more room and possibilities than our old location.

Our workspace is not the only thing that has been growing. The NYSL Promotions team is expanding as well; new professionals have joined us and there are plenty of promotions occurring within. As such, we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Anthony for his recent move to an assistant manager position.

Since his promotion, he has done amazing things. It’s exciting to see him excel as he builds his team and goes above and beyond his own goals. We are incredibly proud of our talented colleague! He deserves all the recognition we have to offer.

As far as recognition goes, we are fortunate at NYSL Promotions that our leaders strongly advocate it. In fact, they model recognition by getting to know each of us personally, formally evaluating us on a regular basis, thanking us for work well done, supporting our endeavors, offering spontaneous and unexpected feedback and praise, and by highlighting our achievements publicly (as is happening for Anthony here!).

When our accomplishments are recognized, we feel valued and more motivated. In turn, this fuels productivity and bottom-line results for our firm. If you are preparing for any type of growth at your organization, we suggest that you practice team member recognition to facilitate the process.