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NYSL Promotions Presents a Do Not Disturb Light

The downside to open space offices and cubicles is there are no doors to close. There is no way to put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door handle. While the purpose for these office layouts is supposed to be collaboration and instantaneous idea sharing, focus is often disrupted. This can become frustrating, not to mention downright counterproductive. If you can’t escape your workspace for peace and quiet, our team at NYSL Promotions suggests you turn on a light.

A new product has been introduced to the market. It illuminates your need to devote full attention to your current project. The Luxafor is an LED light that attaches to the back of your computer screen or laptop. It connects to your USB port. You install the associated software onto your computer, after which our associates at NYSL Promotions note you’ll find multiple options from which to select.For example, if you are indisposed momentarily, your Luxafor flag will be red. When you’re available for consultation, this flag will become green. Other pertinent options include notifications and scheduling alerts.

The benefit to this productivity improvement product is that, provided your colleagues are cognizant of each light’s meaning, you can work without distractions. No need to lose focus.

As our team at NYSL Promotions proclaim, this might be the best office-worthy invention since microwave popcorn. Enjoy.