Successful businessman with arms up celebrating his victory

NYSL Promotions on The Power of Kindness

At NYSL Promotions we make it a point to give back to the community whenever we can. This is both a way for us to support those around us and to build our team’s morale and motivation. There is no doubt that kindness is good for the soul; however, it can also be beneficial in terms of business. Daniel Lubetzky found this out when he founded his range of granola bars.

Sometimes the most constraining assumption in the business world can be that everyone needs to be out for his or her own good. In reality, people naturally enjoy helping each other and supporting team initiatives. We are, after all, a social species. So, we at NYSL Promotions believe that kindness can become part of how a business promotes itself while helping others.

Lubetzky and his brand, Kind Healthy Snacks, used a variety of community engagement campaigns that centered on acts of kindness. For example, they offered prizes of up to $25,000 that would be donated to the charity that inspired the most acts of kindness. People helped their favorite charities by logging kind acts via a portal.

This was extremely successful at engaging people in the Kind brand. It wasn’t inherently about selling more bars; instead, it was about the company communicating its values to consumers. We at NYSL Promotions believe that kindness can be integrated into any business’ marketing.