Man Holding Up Two Puzzle Pieces With Challenge

NYSL Promotions on How to Be Better at Bouncing Back

At NYSL Promotions, we admire people who have the skills to adapt in a positive way to trying circumstances. This inner strength, the ability to pick yourself up after getting knocked down, is referred to in psychology as resilience. It is a trait all human beings possess, though some of us seem to have more resilience than others. Being a resilient person does not imply that you’ll never experience stress or be emotionally distraught; far from it, in fact. The ability to bounce back is built through difficult circumstances, which means the most resilient people you know are often people who have lived through the most trying conditions.

Studies have found that one of the main ingredients to becoming a resilient person is the presence of loving, reassuring relationships both in and out of the immediate family. Bonds that reinforce a sense of self-worth, provide positive role models, and offer encouragement are what help a person navigate through challenges and maintain a sense of hope. Here are some other strategies that can help develop resiliency:

Look for the Silver Lining: Maintain focus on the positives, not the obstacles.

Never Say Die: The only sure way to fail is to quit.

Do Something New Every Day: Find little ways to challenge yourself and bolster your confidence.

Be a Friend to Yourself: Ask yourself how you’re doing once in a while. If the answer isn’t good, do something about it.

Smile: Do it especially when you don’t have an obvious reason. It’s empowering.

Run Your Own Race: When you compare yourself to other people, you are often comparing your worst to their best.

Life knocks everyone down sometimes, but the people who get back up always succeed. Seek out supportive relationships and use these strategies to become a more resilient person.