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NYSL Promotions on How Not to Be a Credit Hog

Even as early as preschool, you’ve probably encountered credit hogs. These are individuals who are delighted to grab the spotlight, even for someone else’s hard-fought efforts. As adults, the stakes become much higher, when promotions and incentives are aligned with exceptional performance. Nothing screams the need for vengeance like another person taking credit for your work, or not acknowledging your contributions. While we can appreciate your clenched fists, our team at NYSL Promotions asks, how often have you been the credit hog – even unconsciously?

If you’re completely honest with yourself, you will undoubtedly recognize that there have been times when you’ve taken a bow and forgotten those who helped you accomplish your goals. Why do you think Oscar speeches have to be capped for time? Winners always have long streams of people behind them to thank. Our pros at NYSL Promotions ask, who are you forgetting in your speeches, and who should you invite on stage to accept that recognition with you?

While it’s nearly impossible to retroactively thank people from decades ago, there is something you can practice moving forward. The next time you earn accolades, our NYSL Promotions teams suggest that you reflect on who you need to acknowledge and make sure they receive credit and gratitude as well.

Most people do not intend to be credit hogs. However, it’s certainly conceivable that you may forget those who deserve your appreciation, so make an effort to remember from now on.