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NYSL Promotions on How Dreams Can Take Flight

It’s unfortunate how often people quickly dismiss their visions and goals because they doubt their ability to succeed. If you’re someone who truly wants to realize dreams, our NYSL Promotions team would like to share a story about why ingenuity requires embracing the craziest ideas.

In the 1800s, discussions began on how to build a bridge that would connect the two cities of Niagara Falls, located in Canada and the U.S.As our pros at NYSL Promotions share, this was far from an easy task. The waterways below the thundering twin falls are treacherous rapids that most boats could not withstand. It was an engineering feat to get a line across the deep gorge through which the river ran.

As the NYSL Promotions associates note, it was Charles Ellet’s ingenuity that led to the creative solution. Ellet proposed a kite-flying contest in which the winner would have to fly a kite across the rapids and successfully land it on the opposite side. Attached to this kite would be the first cable for the bridge. A young boy succeeded and received a fortune of $5. As a result of this extraordinary thinking, the Rainbow Bridge was built in 1847. Today, the bridge remains standing among three that allow visitors to easily traverse the Niagara River and view the magnificent falls.

The moral of this story is to never dismiss your dreams as impossible. Allow them to take flight and soar like a kite.