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NYSL Promotions on Hiring the Best People

Here at NYSL Promotions, we have very high standards when it comes to finding the right additions to our team. We look for individuals who are talented, passionate, and positive, and we also focus on the contributions a person can make to our culture. If you want to streamline your hiring process, we recommend the following strategies.

One thing you must do is avoid hiring by consensus and committee. That method leads to adding people who have the fewest weaknesses rather than those who have the greatest strengths. At NYSL Promotions, we believe in creating interview teams to help discover strengths in candidates. When you use this approach, you will add people with complementary skills and create the most efficient team.

We also look for people of action here at NYSL Promotions, emphasizing doers over tellers. It’s important to find candidates who are hands-on and really care about details, so we recommend structuring interviews around activities. Ask potential additions to tell you about what they can do, and then have them show you. You’ll be able to determine who is simply a good interviewee and who is actually great at what they do.

Our hiring managers also look for people who are excited about learning new things. It’s great to find candidates with expertise, but we stress ongoing education and improvement here at NYSL Promotions, and we encourage you to do the same.

We hope these tips will help you properly evaluate job candidates and build a high-performing team.