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NYSL Promotions on Customer Service Expectations

For us at NYSL Promotions customer service is an extremely important part of our strategy for success. While establishing positive practices is a vital component of creating a good customer experience, managing expectations may be even more important. It isn’t always possible to give customers what they want; here are some tips for setting the right expectations.

• Prioritize Well: With limited resources, you will need to prioritize how you use them. Make sure to cover all of the most important bases. From there figure out which nice to haves will provide the biggest bang for your buck.

• Ensure Effective Communication: There will often be a number of people addressing an issue within your team. Make sure these individuals have effective means of communication with each other.

• Respond Quickly: Arguably the most frustrating customer service experience is to simply not get a response quickly enough. We at NYSL Promotions believe that this is one of the most valuable places you can invest.

• Be Transparent: Other than slow responses, the other most annoying experience is being left in the dark. Try to be as transparent as possible with your customers about what is going on and why.

These tips for managing expectations in customer service scenarios can be very useful to ensure that, even with limited resources, people walk away happy. We use all of these at NYSL Promotions.