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NYSL Promotions: Network With Confidence

We recognize how stressful networking is for many people, but our NYSL Promotions team assures you that it doesn’t have to be that way. The issue many people have is that they believe building a network only serves one purpose (helping them land new opportunities), and when viewed this way meeting people can feel disingenuous.

In order to avoid feeling like a slick salesperson, NYSL Promotions associates suggest taking a broader view when it comes to expanding your connections. First and foremost, meet and greet with the intention of helping, not just seeking help. If you can identify a need that someone has and help him or her meet it, you have made more than just a surface-level contact – you are linked with someone who wants you to succeed.

Another suggestion for networking with a clean conscience is to meet people with the intention of finding answers to questions. For example, while you may never have a desire to work in the hospitality industry, knowing people who do can help you find unique solutions to customer service issues – a front-of-mind concern for those who work so closely with the public.

Finally, the NYSL Promotions leaders treat industry organizations as low-hanging fruit when it comes to building a network. These groups exist to promote best practices and advance ambitious professionals within specific fields. Often, one phone call is all it takes to access the wealth of knowledge and experience they possess, and to make it known that you are willing to contribute to the well-being of your peers as well.

What’s holding you back from networking now?