Woman Consulting New Business Plans With Her Colleagues

NYSL Promotions on Making Your Brand Stand Out

If you’re attending a networking conference or an industry meeting, you want to be memorable upon introduction to others. Our NYSL Promotions experts understand the importance of this opportunity to shine. Therefore, we’d like to offer a few of our favorite tips to help you stand out (in a good way).

Before you arrive, one practice our NYSL Promotions experts advocate is to imagine a more creative way to describe what you do. If you’re a sales agent, you might describe yourself as the conduit between brands and customers. One IT person, tired of trying to explain his position, describes his rather technical back-end role as, “The Great Oz behind the curtain (but with real magical abilities).” While you don’t want to go for the cheap laugh, do find an amusing or anecdotal description of your work that others will remember.

A signature look will make you memorable as well, according to our NYSL Promotions professionals. If you’re a guy, you could consider wearing bow ties rather than long ties for impact. Women might consider neutral outfits with colorful scarves. Conversation starter pieces, such as jewelery that has stories attached, are often good options too.

Of course, the most powerful way in which to be remembered is as a good listener. People remember those who take sincere interest in them. Ask questions and then follow up with something later that shows you paid attention. You’ll be an instant star.

Now go forth and be remembered for how amazing you are.