NYSL Promotions on Key Soft Skills

If you expect to win regular promotions and achieve your highest career aspirations, you must have a certain set of soft skills to complement your technical acumen. We help NYSL Promotions associates develop these essential attributes, and we are happy to outline a few of them here.

Perhaps the most important attribute you can bring to the table day in and day out is a positive attitude. Our NYSL Promotions leaders remind you that this can be tough to evaluate from your own perspective. Do your best to see things from others’ points of view. Ask yourself if your teammates and supervisors would describe you as a positive person who always looks for the bright sides of tough situations.

Self-awareness is another crucial soft skill in your career pursuits. We at NYSL Promotions believe you must know who you are and the unique value you can offer to a company. When you can honestly evaluate your performance, you can better identify weak spots and make real improvements.

We also believe adaptability is a key element in securing promotions. Change is the only reliable thing about the business world, and you will be equipped to meet unexpected challenges if you put your assumptions aside. Be ready to roll with the punches and adapt to shifting customer needs and market trends.

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