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How NYSL Promotions Keeps a Pool of Talent on Hand

NYSL Promotions managers believe that every business leader will, at one time or another, face this challenge: you interview a great person, but he or she is just not right for the role. As much as you want to bring the person on board, you have to keep looking.

The good news, according to a TalentBoard survey, is that when a job seeker likes a company he or she is likely to apply again if the chance arises. This means hiring managers have a duty to make the interview process as inviting and pleasant as possible, urging quality applicants to keep trying. Here are a few tips from NYSL Promotions on how to impress interviewees enough that they’ll want to apply again:

•Create an In-Depth Job Description: The application itself should include a thorough job description that will deter those who aren’t truly qualified, but excite those who are. This will save time, energy, and frustration for all.

•Make Your Online Portal User-Friendly: You want to have an easy-to-use interface that will allow a person to upload a cover letter and résumé, while also linking any relevant social media profiles and personal websites. Also, make sure your web presence works with mobile devices.

•Keep Talent Engaged: To make sure you keep talent involved in your company, invite them to stay connected through email. NYSL Promotions leaders also suggest giving them contact information for your human resources team, in case they have any questions.

How do you keep the interest of talented people?