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How NYSL Promotions’ Introverts Navigate Networking

While many at NYSL Promotions could probably be described as gregarious, there are definitely some less outgoing team members as well. That’s great, because our more introverted team members bring many qualities and skills to the table that extroverts lack, and vice versa.

However, being reticent comes with some unique challenges as well, especially in a people business like ours. For example, while our naturally outgoing teammates find networking events energizing, they can be exhausting for everyone else. In order for our quieter colleagues to enjoy conferences too, we’ve decided to implement a three-to-one networking ratio.

For the first 75 percent of a retreat, NYSL Promotions leaders recommend our introverts not do any networking at all. Instead, we suggest focusing on the educational seminars and making contributions to the discussion whenever possible. Note who else is saying things that seem relevant and/or interesting, and make a note of their names and any other pertinent information.

Then, for the last 25 percent, look for ways to meet up with the people you’ve noticed so far. It shouldn’t be that long a list; meeting three to five people is perfect. Based on your notes, you should have all the opening questions you need to get a conversation going, but if you’re still unclear, fall back on classics like “How did you like event?”

Our NYSL Promotions introverts have used this formula with great success, and we’re certain it will prove helpful for others as well.