Successful business team with arms up at the office

NYSL Promotions Highlights Team Members’ Recent Achievements

The NYSL Promotions team is made up of ambitious and hard-working professionals who are driven to achieve winning results for our clients. One of our most consistent performers is Anthony, who has recently taken over his own campaign for a renowned telecommunications provider. As Joseph, our firm’s director of operations, commented, “He’s been with us since the spring of 2013. He started on our Power Home Remodeling campaign, where he quickly worked his way up, hitting his goals, growing a team, and continually taking on more responsibility.”

Allison is another member of our team who has thrived in recent months. As Joseph explained, “Allison started with our Boston office but transferred down to our office, five months ago. She has made her mark, taking on increasing responsibility. Three months ago she became an assistant manager for our Home Improvement Campaign.” Allison is a prime example of the advancement opportunities our firm provides for motivated and versatile individuals, and we are all excited to see what she achieves in the future.

Jennifer provides an example of how quickly and effectively our firm can develop driven young professionals. When she first came to our company she had very little experience and was a bit behind the curve. Thanks to her fast learning and our firm’s dedication to progressive training methods, she quickly advanced her skills and took on more responsibility. As Joseph stated, “She has more than hit her goals, not only achieving the top numbers in the office but has some of the highest numbers nationwide.” Jennifer has quickly become a mentor for new additions to our team.

NYSL Promotions is proud to recognize the dedicated efforts and unparalleled performance of our team members. Anthony, Allison, and Jennifer are ideal representatives for our corporate commitment to professionalism and integrity.