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NYSL Promotions Helps Millennials Relate to Gen-Xers

It’s never wise to lump every member of a generation into one category, since not everyone in a particular group acts similarly. Additionally, we at NYSL Promotions recognize that millennials and members of generation X have some very distinct differences. We would like to share a few things that millennials should watch for when learning to work with gen-Xers.

First, millennials need to understand that members of generation X tend to be more independent. Younger workers shouldn’t be offended if a gen-Xer decides to go it alone from time to time. On a similar note, Xers aren’t likely to hover over a millennial team member’s shoulder and tell this person how to do each step of a given task.

Generation Xers are also typically hands-off managers, so millennials shouldn’t expect to get much face time with their bosses. Therefore, younger workers need to ask for explicit expectations from gen-Xer managers if they want to do well.

Here at NYSL Promotions, we know that millennials generally received a lot of praise while growing up. That may not be true for gen-Xers, so younger professionals should not expect to receive effusive praise from their older managers. If they do receive a pat on the back, they’ll know that they have earned it!

In general, people are people, and the gulf between members of different generations isn’t that wide. To address any difficulties that may arise in the workplace, we at NYSL Promotions suggest that you keep these points in mind.