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NYSL Promotions Helps You Ace Networking Events

The first networking event you attend can be a bit overwhelming. With that in mind, we train NYSL Promotions associates to carefully plan their initial efforts in the networking world. Here are a few of the most useful strategies we recommend for doing so.


You should begin with a concrete goal of some kind, or you will quickly lose your bearings during a crowded event. We at NYSL Promotions believe meeting three new contacts is a solid objective to take into your first networking gathering, and it will help you focus your efforts rather than just make quick connections with everyone you meet.


It’s also important to project confidence at networking functions, even if what you feel inside isn’t quite self-assured. Offer a firm handshake and a warm smile to everyone you encounter, and maintain solid eye contact throughout every discussion. Use people’s names at least twice during initial interactions, both to remember them better and to make every person feel special.


You also can’t forget to follow up with every new connection you forge at any networking event. If you stick to a modest goal of making a handful of contacts, this becomes much easier to do, because you can include personal details of your encounters without lapsing into generic messages.


These tips from NYSL Promotions will help you excel as a networker right from the start.